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Emerald Winds Honey Shoppe

Emerald Winds Honey Shoppe

25546 Mill Street,
Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138


The Olde Jail House. Measuring only 12 feet by 14 feet, this iron barred, wooden structure offered no more comfort than a bunk or plank for the unfortunate prisoners it housed.

Originally it stood on the site of the Community Church parking lot. An inmate with a sharp pocketknife could have easily whittled himself free, but most prisoners were usually released after a day, and it would not have been worth the effort to try and escape.

On one occasion in the 1880s, the mayor of Olmsted Falls was jailed by the town marshal, who was also the town blacksmith. The marshal claimed the mayor had been carousing in a saloon. As soon as the mayor was free, he fired the marshal and appointed a new one. In his drunken celebration over his victory he was again clamped in jail...this time by the new marshal!

In 1924, the Olde Jail House was moved to Mill Street, where it was used to store village fire-fighting apparatus.  Two new, strong cells were built in the old school house for the village lock-up. In 1924, the first motorized fire truck was purchased. It was a Model-T truck with a water tank and hand pump mounted to it. It was housed in the Old Jail House, which then became the first separate fire department station in Olmsted Falls.